Monday, November 27, 2006


so... i dont remember doing a freewrite that "gives your statement as a writer" and i cant remember when we were directed to do it. im just going to wing it, and do my best of what i think my statement as a writer is. personally i never find my self writing outside of school (occasionally poetry...seriously) but just through this semester i have found that i enjoy it more than i have before. i think in highschool i was limited to what i could write or write about, and thinking back i did not do much writing in highschool at all. the definition of ethos is the voice, tone, or spirit of someone or something. The way i think has not changed this past semester. i have the same beliefs and morals that i did at the beginning of the year, and that i have had for most of my life. i believe in all three papers that i had the same ethos while writing them, but it is difficult to compare with three different topics. i think my ethos is one of fairness, justice, and equality and i think i displayed those three traits my papers. i am a laid back person that is open to all opinions, but i have strong beliefs in different things and i think it showed in the papers because i wrote about three things i care about and believe in.

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