Monday, December 4, 2006

Reflective letter with artifacts

This semester in English included many different activities and techniques that I have never used before. Most of the changes came in the developmental stages of each paper. The brainstorming techniques and assignments were all new experiences and the majority of them helped me write better papers and excel as a writer. Among these activities there were a few that helped in particular. The reflective commentaries were the most significant artifacts that helped me because it made me actually go back and think about my paper. I learned about my paper from answering the questions and it made me realize some things I might have forgotten. The Q-H-Q was an artifact that was only presented to us in the last unit, but I believe that it helped me develop a lot of information that I probably would not have come up with otherwise. I found unit three to have the hardest topic to write about and the Q-H-Q exercise helped me extract the information in my head with out even knowing it. The artifact that we used the most during the semester was the freewrite activity, and I think it was a very effective way to help me choose my topics. There was no pressure behind writing them and it brought about ideas that were kind of in the subconscious mind. The last artifact that I felt was very useful was the peer reviews. It is one thing to hear what a teacher has to say about your writing, but it his really helpful when someone your own age and mindset gives their opinion on what you write. Overall there were many good things that came out of this semester and I think I will walk out of this class a better writer.

1.Reflective commentaries for all units
2.Q H Q exercise
4.Peer Review
5.Notice and Focus

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